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Herausgegeben im Oktober 2008 / 2,4, 2,53, 2,66, 2,8 oder 2,93 GHz Core 2 Duo-Prozessor

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Small dent in battery, problematic?


Macbook pro unibody as described. Small dent in battery as per picture below. Does this constitute a potential safety problem, or is it just cosmetic with this small dent size?

Edit: The picture shows the battery, not the case.

Block Image

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Any inputs most welcome.


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Hi there,

Looks like a rather minor dent. There shouldn’t be any damage to the battery and no need to worry. Although if you want to be sure you can unscrew the bottom of your MacBook to see if there are any dents in the battery. MacBook Pro (13 Zoll, Mitte 2009, Unibody) Gehäuse-Unterseite ersetzen

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Hi thanks for your answer. It may not be clear on the picture, but the dent is in the actual battery. The picture shows the bottom side of the battery, not the case. Hence the question. What do you think?


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