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Android 4.0 tablet for children/ blue back cover and white face/ released 2012

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How do I connect to my phone?

I have downloaded the app and followed all instructions but there is no option to connect the tablet to devices. There should be a pairing device option and there isn't

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Hi @kellyleanne ,

What app have you downloaded?

Are you trying to install an app on the Kurio 7 tablet using the phone?

Has your phone got a mobile hotspot option?

If it has you can connect the tablet to the phone via WiFi and the tablet can then use the phone’s internet connection to go online and download apps etc.

Bear in mind that the Kurio tablet is most probably running Android 4.03 so maybe a lot of apps are no longer compatible with it and won’t download from the Play Store.

The tablet hasn’t got Bluetooth so it can’t be “paired” with other devices.

It only has WiFi, a mini HDMI connection, but the HDMI is one way only from the tablet to the connected device and a USB connection for file transfer.

You can also install apps in the tablet this way, by downloading the app’s .apk file to a computer and then transferring them to the tablet via the USB connection.

In the tablet enable the unknown sources setting in Settings > Security and then find the file where you stored it in the tablet and tap to install it in the tablet.

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