Ejecting Without Prompt Constantly

Had my PS4 for quite a few years now and only after all the lockdowns hit has it started playing up. At first only once every blue moon, but now a few months later, every single time I turn on the console, within 15 minutes it’ll start trying to eject whatever disc is in there or just try ejecting anyway even if it’s empty(can hear the rollers rolling).

I can hear the beeps occasionally as if the button is being pressed, and followed a few guides to try fix this. Taking off the plastic covers and blowing out all the dust seemed to help for about a day before I was exactly where I was at before. I’ve also tried all sorts of other remedies such as tightening or loosening the eject screw or wiggling the underside of the touch button and nothing is working. I’m really scratching my head at this one as I just cannot figure out why this happened in the first place, and why i can’t resolve it…

Please someone tell me what I’m missing, I’m going nuts and just wanna play some games with some friends.

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