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The LabelManager 280, manufactured by Dymo, is one of Dymo’s newer installments of their labeling devices. This lightweight device is perfect for labeling on the go.

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What are all the hidden menus on the device?

I want to access factory settings to fix or diagnose a problem.

I just want to have fun and explore. I understand all the risks involved and take full responsibility for breaking my device or wasting label-tape.

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To access these settings, hold down the key listed and turn on the labelmaker's power.

‘0’ = Region settings

‘1’ = Prints the model number and two test prints with a phone icon.

‘2’ = Screen test. The first one is the full screen. Second screen might be rows or columns. Third screen might be rows or columns. The second and third screens appear dim.

‘3’ = Unknown. The #uJ is the temperature your print-head is set to. Dymo refers to this as ‘strobe setting'

‘4’ = WARNING: This uses a lot of label tape and can only be stopped by pulling the battery out. Font test. You can adjust all the parameters like font size, font, underline, etc. Once you hit print, it'll print out all the characters that the labelmaker has.

‘5’ = Prints 8 squares. Possible 'Strobing test' or alignment test. You could use this to see if your print-head is dirty or defective.

‘6’ = Allows you to see all the messages and text that the device can display. Use the up and down arrows to cycle through them after selecting a language.

‘7’ = Unknown. Displays the same thing as ‘3’ but slightly different. Doesn't display temperature of print-head.

‘8’ = WARNING: You could potentially damage your device with this! Set strobe settings. Print head temperature. Use up and down to select the temperature and then ‘OK’ to set it. Range is from 600uJ to 1200uJ. Default is 600uJ.

‘9’ = WARNING: This will erase all your settings and custom labels! Factory data reset.

'A' = Language settings.

'F' = Screen contrast settings

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