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Landline phone that includes up to 5 handsets and charging bases. Includes voicemail and speakerphone features.

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KX-TG9542B Handset beeps constantly when on charger?

I have the Panasonic 2 line/bluetooth cellular landline phone model KX-TG9542B and the handsets start to beep when on charging stands… it is intermittent… (usually beeping at the worst times like 4am.. etc) I have 5 remote handsets and have tried changing the batteries to fresh Panasonic aaa rechargeable batteries… cleaning the contacts on both the phones and the handsets and nothing seems to help or work? I have other Panasonic cordless phones (single line) in another house and they never beep? this has been going on for years and it is driving me crazy… can anyone please help me?

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No answer from me, but same issue. Maddening.


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Hi @panahead ,

It's not beeping because you are receiving new messages is it?

Here’s an image that shows how to enable or disable it

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

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Hi Jayeff,

Thanks for your reply… No sadly it isn’t the message beep… it is a constant high pitch beep that seems related to the charging of the handsets? and sadly it is intermittent… like I have said I change the batteries.. clean the contacts and sometimes it seems to help? but it always comes back…


Hi Jayeff,

It just started to beep after 24 hours on the cradle with brand new batteries… when it beeps the screen on handset blinks from a blank screen to a notice the says “charging”, nothing else on the handset’s screen… and normally when it is on the cradle it shows the regular info… date.. time.. name of handset.. and state of charge… (which is 100%)



How do you stop the phones from "beeping" or do they stop by themselves?

The user manual also says to do what you do when the beeping occurs.

Do you clean all the terminals in the charging circuit i.e. the battery's terminals, the phone's battery connector terminals and also the cradle connectors?

It's very strange that this happens on all 5 handsets. Just wondering if the phones have "serial numbers" and if so are they all consecutive or at least within the same number range? If so then perhaps there was a problem during manufacture


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