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korg digital piano b1 broken keys

Hi I have bought a second hand Korg Digital piano B1 and got mislead on the status of the keyboard.. it seems like I need to change the hammer of few keys. Can I find a service manual for this? Seems like there is 4 differents type of hammer A,B,C,D but I don't know how to find out which one I need to buy to fix my broken keys..

Hope someone can help!

Thanks Valerie

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I wasn’t able to locate the service manual for this. I did find a site selling parts with pictures. From there, I could see that the hammer weights actually have imprinting on them. Inspect the ones you need to replace for similar markings.

White key hammers:


Black key hammers


Block Image

If yours lack imprints, there are subtle differences in the metal shapes that can be used as a guide. https://syntaur.com/keyboard.php?keyboar...

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