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The Sure Shot Z115 Caption is a 35mm film-using camera made by Canon. It features an aluminum cover, a 38-115mm f/3.6-8.5 zoom lens, a flash,and a variety of picture-taking modes.

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I actually have a canon sure shot 60 zoom 38-60mm 1:4.5-6.7

I have the canon sure shot 60 zoom 38-60mm 1:4.5-6.7 and have only used it twice.

Suddenly in the midst of using some film it has stopped working. There is an E sign next the battery and where normally it would show how much film there is. Also when I turn it off the lens makes a quick click noise? I'm not sure what to do. I have tried changing the battery and checked the film but everything seems to be in order except it is refusing to take photos?

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Hi Logixal,

Thanks for your reply!

The batteries are brand new.

I’ve managed to take the old film out and have tried to put a new film in but the camera is not responding at all the the new film?


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sounds like the film motor has either jammed OR has died. either way itll probably need to be serviced.

how new are the batteries? if theyre older, change them.

typically the E means either the roll is jammed OR its empty. are the pictures you took important to you? if not try opening it and seeing if theres anything noticeable. also if possible take some pictures with a phone and post them here. it definitely helps with troubleshooting

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