The body of my Apple Pencil 2 has warped over time.

The body of my Apple Pencil 2 has warped over time. It is becoming concave on the flat side, making it not able to charge when attached to a case. It still charges when directly attached to the iPad. The concave curve is noticeable.

The pencil has not been dropped or bent or otherwise mistreated. I think the constant downward pressure from use has slowly warped the pencil over time, and I use it a lot.

If there is a tear down of the Apple Pencil 2, can anyone tell if there is a design defect that causes the pencil to warp favoring the flat side?

Because of the unique flat side orientation for the the tap feature, I hold the pencil always in the exact same orientation, as opposed to other writing utensils and the old Apple Pencil, where the orientation of the utensil did not matter and presumably, the pressure on the utensil is averaged out randomly, as opposed to being focused only on one orientation.

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