will changing logic board remove a hard lock

Hi all need a bit of help a couple of years ago my home was broken into and some of my devices where stolen one of them being a Huawei P20 lite when i found out it had being stolen i contacted the company with who i had my phone contract with and got them to lock the phone so it could not be used. fast forward to a around 8 months ago i got a call from the police phone amongst over things have being found. It had a type of lock put on it where you can use the phone but you can put a sim in and get a signal don’t the the correct name for it

The company where i got the phone from will not unlock it to allow me to put a new sim in and use it as a spare even though i paid the contract off so i was wondering if i get a new logic board and install it will it unlock the phone so i can put a sim in and use it as normal

if its not possible to do it by changing the logic board is there any other way to do it. i wanted to try and fix it as a little project for my self

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