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Repair and disassembly information for Samsung's true-wireless Galaxy Buds+ in-ear headphones. Announced and released in February of 2020.

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Where can I buy a replacement seal?

I have a pair of these buds plus and i took them apart as one wasn’t working properly, it is fixed now but on opening them i managed to break the water resistant seal and I’ve been searching for hours to find a replacement, does anyone know of where i can buy one from? please could you link it if you do.

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Hate to say this, but you can’t find a new seal. Best thing to do would to use some TESA tape, and use that. iFixit sells it. Happy Fixing! TAG2YT | Here’s the link to a precut card of TESA tape. Use one of the precut circles. Tesa 61395 Tape

Tesa 61395 Tape Bild


Tesa 61395 Tape


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