Spark from the battery connector

I would like to ask.

I have a Huawei P8 lite that has been in the socket for a long time. When I pulled out the phone after a long time, wifi and bluetooth did not work. The power button was grayed out and nothing happened.

I've found on the internet that it may be a chip on the motherboard that helps disconnect and reconnect it.

That's why I disassembled the phone, but when the battery was disconnected, a spark suddenly appeared from the connector. Probably by disconnecting with metal tweezers. I reconnect the battery, but the phone does not turn on. Only the LED flashes green and red.

Also connected to charger when connected. When I connect my phone to my computer via USB, you will hear a sound from my computer that a new device is connected, but nothing will appear on my phone.

The phone has a chance to save. I'm more interested in the data on the phone.

Can it just be a detonated battery?

Thank you for any advice.

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