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The K-Gro PowerPro is a ridable lawnmower built for K-Mart by MTD and Murray. Released in 1997. Model numbers: 13AL452F120 (38", 12 HP) & 13AQ695H120 (46", 18 HP).

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The wiring diagram for the solenoid.

wiring diagram for the solenoid

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The solenoid was taking off by my kids and they forgot how to put the wires back on


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Block Image

without a model number i was able to find this. Hope it helps. If not ease post model number of tractor so a wiring diagram can be located.

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What is the year and model number?

Here’s a link that may be of some help.

Find your model number on the page and then click on it and select the Electrical option that appears in the parts catalogue section menus on the left side of the page to get a wiring schematic.

Here’s an image for a 1997 13AL452F120 model, just to show maybe what to expect.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

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