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Internal SSD not detected by MBA Mid 2011

I was given an old MacBook Air 2011 to move over files from that MacBook to a newer one. After I completed the process, I decided to update the laptop from Sierra to High Sierra. I let it download the update and I went to fix some stuff, but when I came back the laptop had turned off. I tried booting it and I was hit with a white screen, and a minute later a flashing folder icon was shown. I have tried all of this trying to fix the issue:

Booting into safe mode (DIDN’T WORK)



Apple Hardware Test (NO ERRORS FOUND)

Recovery Mode (Couldn’t use Time Machine or OS reinstall due to the storage device not being recognized, and Disk Utility only shows “disk0” and “Mac OS X Base System”)

I really don’t know what to do at this point, that’s why I am asking here for help. I am a total newbie with Macs and I apologize if my writing is hard to understand, english isn’t my main language.

Any help is appreciated! :)

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Are you able to see the drive when you boot up with the Option (⌥) key?

Reference: Mac startup key combinations

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I did that too but forgot to mention it, I am just prompted to choose network. No drives.


Setup an external bootable drive. You’ll need to boot under it


@danj is the internal ssd done?


@choonky - It might be and it might not! Until we check it no one knows.


I am pretty sure the drive is dead. I booted into recovery mode with cmd+r and i was booted into an old version of the recovery menu (os x lion) and as i mentioned in the post the (very outdated) disk utility showed only disk0 and Mac OS X Base System. I was thinking about it and thought that it maybe didnt recognize the file system. So i loaded the high sierra installer (last supported OS) onto a usb stick and tried disk utility again. This time, it shows the external usb (Install macOS High Sierra) and a disk image called ”OS X Base System”. The disk format is Mac OS Extended and is 2.01GB in size, with 1.29 GB used and 719,5MB free space. When running diskutil list i am shown the 16GB usb stick, the disk image i mentioned earlier and a ton of ”disk(number)” disk images ranging from the kilobytes to megabytes. In the installer, the only disk i am shown is the external usb stick. I hope this information lets you decide if the ssd is dead or not. Also, thank you so much for helping me!


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