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The Nextbook NX008HD8G is an 8'' Android tablet released in September 2013.

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My tablet will not come on.

Hello I have a Nextbook NX008HD8G and for some reason it won't turn on at first I assumed that I had no batteries I plugged in the charger waited for a charge, after a few minutes I hold the power button for five seconds but it wouldn't come on.

(Note: when I was charging the tablet there was a red light near the camera if that means anything, also I try to turn it on both when plugged and unplugged)

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Hi @macbookguy2021 ,

Check if the battery charges fully before attempting to turn it on i.e. the red charging light will turn orange when the battery is fully charged. Allow at least 2-3 hours to see if it does

If it doesn’t ever fully charge then try holding the Power button for a full 15 seconds, then release it to see if this resets the device and that it will then start.

If this doesn’t work then according to p.24 of the user manual there is a pinhole reset button on the device which should also reset it. Strange though that its location is not shown in the tablet’s layout on p.5.

If it won’t start after trying to reset it then the battery may be failing and it will need to be replaced.

It may be that if the battery is failing that the charger cannot supply enough power to both charge the battery and run the tablet at the same time.

Here’s the iFixit Nextbook NX008HD8G Battery Replacement guide.

Replacement batteries (supplier example only to show cost) are available online. Just search for Nextbook NX008HD8G battery to find suppliers that suit you.

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I'm doing that right now thank you very much.


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