Prompted for update went to remove apps froze up and boot loops


Working on a ipad pro about two years old. It's for a friend. The ipad had an update but wasn't executed because storage was full. My buddy went to delete some apps and when doing so the ipad froze and shut off and ever since when powering on or hooked up to the charger it boot loops on the apple logo. I can get it into dfu mode and tried to restore it but no matter how many pcs I try and different cables it always results in I believe a 4013 error. Won't restore. I've tried multiple pcs both windows and mac same result. Can't figure out if it's hardware or what. It's only about two years old. Model is:. A2197. Any tips appreciated. I'm thinking it's toast. I seen a few people post to remove screen and try restore and also front facing camera and restore and sometimes it works due to an issue with screen detection in ios or ribbon cable bad. Wanted to ask if anyone has found a solution to this as everything online just says take it to Apple after trying everything I have plus some. It's out of warranty so they'll just say buy a new one.

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