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50" Plasma TV by Sanyo released in 2007.

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Why wont my tv turn on. No power it just turned off.

It just cut off and will not power back on.

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More info please. How old is the TV? Any noises or smoke or anything that might help us know if something blew up and where?


TV is 3 years old. It didn't make.any noise it just powered off. I had a couple other peices of equipment power at the same outlet and they work fine.


There really isn't much more I can say. I was sitting here watching it and it just cut off like the power went off. No noise no smoke nothing. I have the back panel already off but I can't tell if any of the fuses are blown. Seems all the other problems ppl are having thiers will power on with no picture but mine doesn't power on at all now


Definitely check the power board for bad condensers. It looks like this model is somewhat plagued by those.


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Chris, I most certainly agree with Phillip Takahashi that we need more details to really help you out. Hope you are handy with TV repair, since this model seems to have its issues. Do a search on here and see if some of the old answers will help you getting started. Click on solutions and scroll through those. In the meantime, I attached the No Power flowchart for you so that you can see if it is one of those errors. I do have a feeling that you are looking at issues with the power board. Commonly the capacitors on this board go on the fritz :-) Of course make sure that all the fuses are okay and that you have nothing visible shortening out the board. You can download the Service Manual from here Hope this helps, good luck.

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