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Google Chrome OS Cr-48 Chromebook, released December 2010.

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I have this for school, and I dont want school administration

I don’t want to wipe it completely but I also don’t want securly or school administration, how do I fix it?

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If your school gave this to you as a loaner for your schoolwork, Follow Dan's suggestion and do not wipe it.

However (and from reading I hope this is the answer), if you got this chromebook originally from the school and it is yours (You purchased it or got it from some friend after it has been thrown away by the school), I would suggest that you forego ChromeOS entirely and install a lightweight Linux Distro.

I would be slightly concerned if a school loaned this to me, as the one I have runs quite slow, and running any apps related to school would work, just run VERY slow, and the ChromeOS install on it is MANY security updates behind.

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If you have a school-issued laptop, then it has been configured to prevent you from tampering with it's security settings. These settings are probably monitored by your school's network administrators. Not only are the settings important, but it may be a violation of school policy to attempt to change them.

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