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a digital radio from around 2006-2007 Main characteristics Tuning: Digital Display: LCD Type: DAB Technical Features Power Source: AC Adapter Sound Features: Built-in Speaker Other Height: 17.5 cm Width: 21 cm Depth: 11 cm

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Appears not to switch on

The power button seems to have died. When I press it the display does not light up. When I first got it the power worked intermittently but then died completely. I tried a new power pack which also did not work which seems to indicate it is the switch. I opened it up but the controls seem to work through some kind of circuit board. Any ideas for how to get it working again? Cheers, Bob

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Hi @bob_griffiths ,

Here’s a link that may be of some help.

Having a DMM (digital multimeter) and knowing how to use it will be a definite advantage. As stated in the link there is no information out there for the radio e.g. schematics, service manuals, parts lists etc to help so you may have to start from scratch.

Changing the power supply for a known good power supply has eliminated it as the problem so the next step would be to prove that the switch is working electrically.

If it is OK then after that it becomes a matter of tracing the power rails through the radio. Not easy without the schematics though.

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Hi Jayeff, thanks for your answer. I do have a multimeter but would not know how to use it, especially without a diagram. It is very disappointing to think about throwing it out if there was some way around it. I would be happy to switch it on and off at the plug if that would solve the problem. Cheers, Bob



It's a shame that you don't know how to use a DMM.

Even without a circuit diagram you can still do point to point testing using the Ohmmeter function of the DMM (no power applied to the radio) to prove continuity of the wiring e.g. start at the power input and follow one wire and see where it goes. If it goes to a switch then operate the switch and using the Ohmmeter check if there is continuity through the switch etc. If that is OK then try the other wire from the input.

If you get through the switch OK and into the power supply components of the radio then inspect the solder side of the pcb for dry joint solder connections.

Once you have got to the power supply components e.g. regulators, capacitors, diodes etc rather than the "radio" components it then does become more difficult without the diagrams


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