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Repair guides and support for the Lenovo Ideapad 310-15IKB, a midrange consumer laptop released in 2016.

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HDMI port repair (general question)

Hi there!

So the HDMI port on my laptop stopped working, and a USB to HDMI adapter does have a terrible framerate. Its not a good solution.

The question is, how hard is the fix. Is it even possible to just replace/re-solder the old port? I did not find any good guides - i would make one.

Just need some motivation here ^^

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Soldering a motherboard requires experience. It could irreparably damage the board and you should buy another one. If you have experience, look at where the connector is located and if you have small components nearby. It is one of the easiest parts to change in this type of repair.



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It depends on whether you HDMI port is on a daughter card, or part of the motherboard. If it is on a daughter card, then repair is often simple and you can just replace the pcb. But if the problem if with the motherboard (like with the hdmi controllers, or if the hdmi port is soldered directly to the motherboard) then it might be more difficult.

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