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How difficult to upgrade the harddrive to a SSD?

What tools would I need? Is there an Ifix it kit?

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It is quite easy to do.

Most reputable SSD suppliers (example only) provide instructions and links to the software required for cloning the existing HDD to the SSD. Note that for your model a 9.5mm adapter is required with the SSD to ensure that it is positioned correctly in the HDD bay in the laptop. Sometimes this is supplied with the SSD but check first just to be sure if you use other suppliers and it is not stated

There are also videos on YouTube that show how to do this as well. Just search for Change HDD to SSD in laptop

Here’s the service manual for the laptop. Go to p.23 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove/replace the HDD so that the SSD can be installed instead.

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