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The HP Pavilion model dv7-4285dx is a notebook PC produced by HP.

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Display is red where it should be black

I have an hp pavilion dv5t 1000 and i can not find the right display flex for it. The ones i find do not have enough pins on either end of the connector for the display. example: (this is what its supposed to look like.


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Hi @mjrcrunch ,

Is there a HP part number printed on your laptop’s video cable at all?

If so search online using the part number only to find the correct cable for your model

Here’s some information that may or may not be of some help as there’s not much information about your exact model as regards parts.

When using this website, on the few product numbers that I clicked on, the part number for the display panel cable kit for a 15.4” WXGA panel is 493020-001 (supplier example only). It appears that this may be for your model as in the supplier link it shows that it is suitable for dv5 1000 series laptops, even though your particular one is not mentioned.

There is a different part number for dv5 2000 series video cables (606879-001) which was found when using this webpage to look for manuals for your model laptop. The only model that shows when searching for your model is a dv5t-2200 CTO. The maintenance and service guide shows that it is just for dv5 models, no specific variant within the range.

There has to be a reason why the part numbers are different because usually if the same part is used across multiple model series, it has the same part number.

Hopefully this is of some help and hasn’t confused you.

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Thank you for the help. I did have a look at the maintenance service guide before which helped get the right part number. The only part number that is on it is HUADDC30109AD402 on a sticker with a barcode. The cable looks exactly like the 493020-001 cable but with a lot more contacts by the 3M sticky part. On my connector its 4 then 1 empty contact then the rest have contacts going from bottom to top.


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