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swapping carburetors from two of same mowers

can I take the carburetor off of Husqvarna 21" AWD LC221 A Briggs & Stratton 625 EX Series and put it on another the same exact mower?

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I don't see why not. What is wrong with the other one?

You might need to adjust the air intake screw though. Usually they are set to the same setting, but just in case it doesn't start up or runs too high revs on idle.


@honakrisi The lawnmower I want to take the carburetor off of is ours and has been used a lot and the pulling system doesn't hardly want to work anymore, and the air filter is getting oil in it now on the one we've used past 4 or5 years. It's had its workout lol. The one I want to try is pretty much still brand new. Hardly even been ran 2 to 3 hours. It's never really ran long since she bought it at Lowes. I just figured Id try our carburetor on it and see if it will run. Lowes picked it up a week after she got it and dropped it back off to her. It ran about 30 minutes then the next time she went to mow it wouldn't crank.


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If the motors are the same and the carbs are the same, you can swap them no problem.

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Thank you. I thought you could, just wanted to make sure on these lawnmowers.


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