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The 7th-generation Surface Pro, released in October 2019. Available in platinum and black. Model number: 1866.

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My official surface pro type cover falls asleep while charging

I recently purchased a surface pro 7 type cover from amazon. It’s been working great, but the keyboard seems to ‘fall asleep’ while the charger is plugged in. I have to press a key, then 3-5 seconds later the back-light comes back on and input is recognized again. My first thought was maybe the power settings in windows were configured so that the keyboard turns off to save battery, but I couldn’t find any settings concerning the keyboard. If anybody has any suggestions, please feel free to comment!

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Under “Hardware Tab” click on the keyboard device and go to “Properties”. Then under “General” tab click on “Change Settings”. Click on “Power Management” tab and uncheck the box “allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”.

Or maybe sometimes you want to stop computer from sleeping in Windows 10.

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Unfortunately a Power Management tab doesn't pop up for the keyboard. But thanks for the help!


@noughtafazemom Sorry it didn't help, but may I know how everything is going? Thank you!


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