Help needed to replace a capacitor on the motherboard.

I am refurbishing an OP3T and everything works except the screen.

I always get black screen even if I can hear any system sound.

The phone software is like new, I used the msm download tool to flash the latest Pie firmware available.

Of course I tested the screen with another motherboard and it works.

So I bite the bullet and I checked under the hood. I removed all the metal covers from the MB and I found that the capacitor near the power management chip (PMI8996) is probably gone (I found a dark oxide mark on it and on the metal plate).

It should be an easy task to replace it but I don’t know its capacitance.

I asked to Oneplus Customer Care who obviously offered an off warranty Service.

Do someone knows? On the OP3T motherboard diagram is the item n. L2601 and its size is a 1210.

Below there is a picture of the SMD I need to replace.

Block Image

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