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Can I replace just the glass on this model? Sm-t290

Hi, looking at purchasing very cheaply ($50au) a sm-t290 with a cracked screen. The glass is available from ebay for about $25au. I rang around for quotes as i expected it to be not economical to repair vs buying a new unit, and i was right, however, one store said this model the glass can't be separated from the lcd, it must be replaced together, making it not economical to even do myself. Is this true, or can the glass be replaced separately on this model?

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Like on most modern tablets it looks like the screen is glued together. The glass, the digitizer and the LCD are all glued together and are extremely difficult to separate without the proper tools. It would be easiest to replace the whole display. Good luck!

Video on replacing the screen- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2xg-hOW...

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