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Can I upgrade the CPU on the Asus X541U?

I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to upgrade the cpu on my laptop I currently have a i5 7th gen I’ve been thinking of putting a i7 7th gen is it possible ?

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It is very easy to upgrade. You can easily upgrade your laptop's RAM, CPU, Harddrive, and battery. For more information read https://itslaptop.com/are-asus-laptops-u...


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If the video I found is the model you have then I would say the CPU is not upgradable or it is not easily upgradable. The CPU is soldered onto the motherboard like most laptops today. It’s extremely rare to find a laptop where the CPU or GPU can be upgraded. If your computer is acting slow then a good upgrade I can recommend is an SSD or to clean the computer of dust and derby. Having at least 8Gb of RAM is a must but having 16Gb is better. Good luck!

Video of disassembly- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VElpRsnt...

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