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Switch Lite Wont Turn On

A good few times now after being put on charge overnight the console will not power on. I’ve tried resetting by pressing the power button for 12 seconds etc to no avail. All times before now the console has come back on by itself after being left on charge for further time. There has been good amounts of time between this happening so despite happening a total of four times now the console functioned perfectly fine for the months in between. No charge issues, battery seems fine etc.

This time however the console hasn’t come back on and its been a couple days now. No damage, water or physical as happened. Anyone have any idea why this has happened all these times and why possibly the console hasn’t come back on this time around?

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Hi Jamie!

Could be a lot of things. Motherboard fried, charger which is faulty, faulty battery or something else. I think it’s motherboard related as you describe it. I advise to test with another original charger first. Do you still have warranty on this device? Otherwise I would return it.

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I have tested with multiple official chargers already to no joy. I don't think it's a battery problem as the console has worked fine in between stints. Unfortunatly the console is no longer under warranty and I've already had it fixed once by Nintendo (broken charge port). Going to send it off to Nintendo hopefully the don't charge me an arm and a leg again as the issue has not been caused by damage etc.


Hi Jamie! The motherboards are very expensive and hard to find. Let's see what Nintendo has to say, I think you do good by contacting Nintendo for this issue.


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