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An audio/video receiver (AVR or home audio receiver) is a consumer electronics component used in home theaters that convert signals into sound.

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no sound one rear speaker

It Seems Like One Of The Rear Suround Sound Speaker Jacks On The Rear Of My (

Yamaha Natural Sound AV Receiver HTR-5450 ) Has Stop Outputting A Signal That

Go To One Of The Rear Suround Sound Speakers , The Other Side Still Plays .

Is There An Easy Fix To This Problem, HELP PLEASE ?

Mr. G.

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Hi Joe:

I would first check on all the connections/connector and switches at the front of the amplifier.

However, it can indeed be the case that the power amplifier of that channel needs to be replaced. You could download this manual (of a 5440 model) and check out (metering) which piece is actually defective.


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