iPod not turning on

So, I’ve picked up this ipod on the road, and I’ve had it for like a year (it was used obviously). The screen was dead (backlight still visible, probably internal damage), the + volume button didnt work, so I plugged it in. It connected, and I could swipe around, and still listen to music.

Until like 2 months ago, the connecting wire from the screen was dead. I still could use it but had to use the headphone buttons now. And then, it stopped. I restarted it, and it still starts up like normal. But when I plug it into my PC, it doesnt connect. You can still plug it in and charge it. And when i press the power/sleep button thing, I cant control my songs with my headphones, and nothing was responding. When I restarted it, I can control it now, but when i press the sleep button, it goes unresponsive.

When im listening to a song, and it goes to sleep or the screen turns off, the song still plays, but when its done, the ipod just stops

Can i still fix this??

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