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The Dell Inspiron 5758 was released in 2015, and can be identified by its label on the bottom of the laptop. The Dell Inspiron 5758 is an intel core i5 processor laptop.

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Laptop having trouble charging

(this is for inspiron 15 5000 series, I couldnt find exact model)

I am having issues charging my laptop, I get an error that the charger doesn’t meet the 45w minimum requirement, and is not recognized. I’m definitely using the correct charger. When the laptop is turned off, it charges without a problem, an I can see the blue light indicator turned on by the charging slot. However when I try turning on the laptop, the light shuts off, and I get the error message as the the laptop is booting up. Also, when the laptop is already on and I try plugging in the charger, the blue light goes on for a few moments, then shuts off and I get the error message. Please help!

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Hi @yozid ,

Create a Win 10 battery report and check the status of the battery. Compare the Design Capacity value versus the Full Charge capacity value.

It may be that the battery is failing and whilst the charger can charge the battery when the laptop is off, trying to charge it and run the laptop at the same time may be too much for it to handle.

Worth checking anyway if only to eliminate it from the equation

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It can be a charging problem, I fixed some of this computers, and the fact is that the charging port is secured by small ring of plastic and it does not support heavy use.

The charging port (DC Jack ), has a third connection on the center that communicate charger with motherboard, if something happen with that communication you still can see your computer powering on but it never will charge until the computer has a full connection.

Well, Just try with a new charging port…

Block Image

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I understand what you are saying, but as I mentioned, the laptop charges perfectly fine when powered off. Doesn't that rule out a bad connection?


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