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A high performance 12 amp leaf blower vacuum and mulcher in one used to clear debris with up to 200 mph blowing speed.

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Need a motor bearing /brush holder assy

need a bushing where do i find one, seems discontinued

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Hi @cruncher ,

Do you mean Item #104?

If so here’s a supplier

If not then search online using the part number of the part only found in the list below the schematic and search online using it to hopefully find suppliers.

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Yes exactly 104, presuming it comes with the brass bushing, that is whats worn out, and is holding the armature/ motor shaft in place. Even just the bushing would help me, looks much the same as old school car door hinge bushing, but it's 1/4 id not 3/8 ", looked on website in uk but says discontinued.. thank you for answering :)


Yay they seem to have it, ordered, now just waiting for the ship to come in lol!! Thank you jayeff, you da bestest!!


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