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The GE Microwave Oven model JVM1650BB 007 is a 1.6 cubic foot capacity, 1000 Watt microwave oven with outside venting.

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My GE OTR Microwave, runs when the door is shut, even after turned off

Empty microwave runs for 5-30 seconds after it is turned off, and when the door is shut.

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The display on my GE Café OTR micro was too dim to read. I switched out the board and it now works but now the internal fan runs whenever the door is closed. Talk about a slow march into enemy territory. I have checked and the magnetron is not running when this happens. If I very carefully close the door, I can get it to not turn on but that doesn’t seem like a good long term fix. Would the problem be new board or a shorted mechanical switch?


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The sound of a MW running can tell you if the magnetron is on. If not, you put a cup of water in when it does this does it warm the water? If the magnetron is running, that is definitely not good. If just the fan and maybe the table is running, that is not proper but not dangerous.

Possible problem for either:

  1. a shorted switch

# the control board as that is what would switch off the system when the door is opened or the cancel button is pressed.

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Does it only run after it has been running, or will it do it along after it has run?

I'm thinking there is a temp sensor in there and that may be keeping the fan running after it has run because it is getting too hot or the sensor is defective.


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