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Released on June 23, 1996, Model NUS-001, 64-bit gaming console

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N64; there is sound but no video

I plug my N64 into the tv and there is sound for the game yet there is no video just a blue screen(I tried this on 2 Hisense TVs and 2 of my Vizio monitors). This blue screen shows up on every device. I even bought a mini av to HDMI off amazon and it comes up with the same results how do I fix this? Is it the game? The Av Cables? or something to do within the n64? I just bought some new AV cables off amazon for 8 dollars and Ill see how that works but so far nothing but sound. It’s so disappointing as well. I only have one game right now just bought Pokemon Stadium as well. So, Ill try to use that game.

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It seems if it were the game it would at least try to show and image for powering on then fail and stop showing an image, if it isnt showing an image outright it could be the internal connection to the av ports on the back have given out, try opening it and looking for rust or water damage, lets just say air moisture does more damage than we may realize sometimes. If those look all fine and dandy you may have a deeper problem within the motherboard or the graphics on the console itself.

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