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Der Game Boy kam am 21. April 1989 in Japan auf den Markt, dann am 31. Juli 1989 in Nordamerika und schließlich am 28. September 1990 in Europa. Er ist erkennbar an einem großen grauen Gehäuse und der Modellnummer DMG-01

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I am have a Battery problem

My gameboy doesn’t work unless I fidget with the batteries and after I fidget with the batteries if they are even nudged slightly the gameboy powers off.

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Check that the Game Boy’s battery compartment terminal connectors are clean and bright and also that they’re exerting enough tension on the batteries to hold them securely in place. If the batteries appear loose when inserted you may have to adjust the terminal connectors so that the batteries are a tight fit.

If they appear to be OK you will have to open the Game Boy and check the battery terminals to make sure that they are securely connected to the circuit board.

Here’s the Ifixit Game Boy guides which will help you to open the device.

Update (05/28/2021)


Seems as though some batteries may have leaked before over the terminals and has caused some corrosion. Corrosion increases the electrical resistance of a connection that is why it most probably was so touchy. Sometimes the connection was there and sometimes not.

Try using a lint free cloth lightly moistened with ordinary household vinegar and then use a small screwdriver (back of pencil, pen etc?) to gently rub the cloth over the connecting area of the battery terminals in the Game Boy to remove the corrosion etc.

The spring terminals should only have to be cleaned on the very end that comes into contact with the battery. the flat terminals need to be rubbed all over the face of the terminal.

Do not make the cloth too wet and keep changing where the screwdriver pushes on the cloth to ensure that you're using a clean area of the cloth if you have to wipe a terminal more than the one time to clean it.

Allow the terminals to fully dry before inserting the battery.

maybe also clean the battery as well if they also look dirty.

If the vinegar doesn't clean it sufficiently so that the terminals are bright and shiny you can try using some fine sandpaper (wet and dry?) to clean them and then rub over with the vinegar to remove any grit etc.

Also sometimes the corrosion may have eaten the surface of the terminal metal away but as long as it it now clean it should work OK.

Hopefully this all makes some sense.

Remember, do not make it too wet!

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What would I clean it with, the battery holders are unclean with some kind of white stuff?


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