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The HP 1012 G1 was a tablet-laptop hybrid released in May 2016.

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Tablet does not boot with replacement battery.

My unit’s original battery is faulty. HP Hardware tests show that 1 cell has gone bad.

The tablet boots OK with original battery when connected to AC adapter.

I have tried to install the replacement aftermarket batteries from 2 different suppliers, but the issue is the same with both - the tablet does not boot. Batteries look same and part numbers correspond to the original part.

When turned on with the aftermarket battery - white LED lights on when connected to AC and the keyboard backlight turns on for a minute, but no start screen on any other signs of life are visible.

Did anyone else have this problem?

Are batteries somehow paired to the device, or i was just lucky to get 2 faulty batteries in a row?

Also - recommendations on sources of known working batteries are very much welcome and appreciated.

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Hi Everyone, so I had the same issue as this submitter.

I was a little unsure what to do as I also replaced the battery back to the original bloated battery and the 1012 g1 started up, after letting me know the system didn’t know what time it was etc as the battery had been removed.

I removed the old battery again, restarted the 1012 g1 without a battery and then plugged the new battery pack in after Windows 10 had started up. The battery seemed to be charging up? Gave it a few minutes and then removed the USB-C power connector and the tablet kept working. I turned the tablet off with the power disconnected and the unit now turned back on again. I had tricked the tablet into thinking the battery was the same as the old one.

The only thing to be careful of is you need to precariously hold the screen in place with the ribbon connectors still located, remove the battery etc all with those connectors still in place.

But apart from that it was relatively painless. Hope this helps you out too?


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Yes the trick Richard Freeman above said worked. Mine wouldn't boot after I swapped the battery.

I put the original battery back in, booted in with the charger attached, then swapped the battery over with the unit switched on. Worked perfectly


Life saver, I had a non-HP replacement battery, but powering up with the old and hot swapping the new battery fixed my problem!


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Same issue here. Bought HP battery from iFixIt here, HP Elite x2 G1 1012 Battery Replacement

It would not boot up even with the usb-c power adapter connected to an outlet. However, it would power on with same setup with the old nonfunctional battery and with no battery install. Strange that it would not work with the new battery installed. I suspect that the one I ordered from here that’s HP brand and no after market is faulty. Still trying to get iFixIt to respond back to my email and get some traction on the issue on this replacement battery.

Update (01/19/2022)

UPDATE! Finally got the replacement from iFixIt. Did the replacement install. The replacement worked like a charm!! Yes, it was the battery connection cable on the first ordered battery. The only difference I could visually tell is the battery power connector cables was better soldered on the recent replacement than the first one that was shipped to me. The HB brand from iFixIt solved my battery issue. Tested ... it's fully charge and I'm writing this on it!! Cheers!

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