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13.3" flip-top, touchscreen laptop (SVF13NA1UL).

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Can I replace the motherboard?


I have two Sony Vaio motherboards. The first one is:

From this laptop's model SVF13n12SGS.

Motherboard P/N: 31FI1MB0000

S/N: A1974482A.

The second, from this model: SVF13NA1UM.

Motherboard P/N: 31FI1MB00B0

S/N: A1974483A.

The first motherboard (A1974482A) is not working. Thus, can I replace the first one by the second one?

(I do not want to buy a new motherboard)

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If they're both the exact same model, then yes, very likely.

If they're different models, but from the same series, then it might be doable, but depends on the exact models.



Do you mean the motherboard P/N: 31FI1MB0000

S/N: A1974482A

Must be replaced by a motherboard with same numbers?


It would help, but if they are not the same then you may have to adjust some of the drivers. But it is doable.


Is there any other issue except the drivers?


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If one motherboard is not working and you have the second one that is working but the problem in replacing is the accepting of a second motherboard that I think only can be done if both motherboards is same otherwise you will have problems like over heating or hanging some times.

So before replacing you should have a system integration plan for it so it can be done perfectly

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