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The Dodge Avenger name returned in February 2007 as a 2008 model year sedan to replace the Dodge Stratus, whose coupe version had replaced the original Avenger in 2001.

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Windshield wipers stop and start.

I recently replaced the windshield wiper motor for my 2008 Dodge Avenger R/T but the wipers continue to stop and start. I purchased a wiper relay but can not find where it should be installed. It does not match any relays inside the fuse box nor the adjacent relay box. Any information where to search would be appreciated. Can you recommend a good repair service manual. The Haynes book is inadequate.

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you have insufficient data to determine what is wrong. However, if you throw money at it and just keep replacing parts, eventually you may get it.

Does this have an intermittent wiper function?

Does it start/stop randomly or at a regular rate?

Does it stop in the middle of a cycle?

Does it do it when standing still or only when driving?

If when driving, is it affected by bumps in the road?

Did you purchase a relay specifically for you car?

A bad connection or defective relay would be indicated if it is when driving and especially on rough roads and in the middle of a cycle.

A defective switch might be indicated if fitted with intermittent function and it stops at end of cycle.

If it is a generic relay, your car may not even use a relay and that would indicate you have a defective control board.

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Everything I've found says it is in the black fuse box under the hood. Aftermarket relays are gonna look different. Might have to follow the wire back from the wiper motor. If the relaysnisnt marked. The prongs will be the same even if the relay looks different.

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The relay is behind the TIPM OUR FUES BOX. MINE DID SAME THING IM A MECHANIC OF 38 YEARS. MY PROBLEM FINALY SHUT DOWN THD SECURITY. LOOK UP TIPM Problems im sure its your problem. I ended up going to the dealership costing 1700. Look up recals on the TIPM IM SURE IT WILL LIST YOUR PROBLEM ID START THERE

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