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Anleitungen zum Zerlegen und Reparieren der 7. Generation von Apples iPad.

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logic board failed, iPad 7

Hi there. Thank you in advance for fielding my inquiry. We have a gen 7 iPad purchased new in Dec. 2019. A few weeks ago, while using it, the screen went brown, then black and was unresponsive to charging on Macbook and PC. When plugged into the outlet, it turned on and showed full battery status. After using it for a short time, once again it went black and has been unresponsive ever since.

We took the device to the Apple store and they told us that the internal board is the problem and deemed it unfixable. When asked what the cause could be, they said that it could be a manufacturer defect but since it is beyond the warrantee, the cost for a new 7 gen (no longer manufactured but stocked for such a situation) would be $249.

I would like to know if the internal board is indeed replaceable and if so, would the cost be reasonable? In addition, do you have any suggestions for where to start to find a local technician?

Many thanks for your time :)

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Could be loose coils on the logic board, could possibly be repairable


I had same problem with my 2 yr old Ipad, black screen of death... an apple dealer advd couldn't be fixed. Didn't do anything different than I did to try reboot, wanted to sell me a 9th generation right away. Took it to 2nd repair shop, not Apple related, was advd internal crash. Nothing I had done. Crashed 5 days after warranty ran out!! Major disappointed in Apple iPads for price I paid. I used 19gb out of 128gb. I used it for photos, had 2 additional apps: scrabble & candy crush. I used it for looking up recipes, information things. Always shut down apps I opened up. I have only bought Apple in the past, 3 laptops, 8 IPhones & 2 iPads. Old IPad works, is 6 yrs old, husband has it but no additional apps on it. I am leery to buy another iPad for the $$$ you pay. PS - 9th gen. I researched is only offered in 64gb or 256 gb for $200 more. $629. No 128gb? You pay $429 for 64gb plus tax & if you get an extended warranty more $$, whatever that costs. Getting close to $800 for 256gb iPad.


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Apple never repairs an iPad, so whether you can replace the logic board or not does not concern them.

Considering the labor and warranty cost involved, I’d say $249 for official service isn’t a bad deal.

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I’d call Apple at “1`800- myapple” and ask for a “flat rate depot repair” and see if you get a better price.

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