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Schematic for a HP OMEN 17-an012dx

I’m looking for a schematic for an HP OMEN 17-an012dx or help to identify this component.

Block Image

Block Image

Update (06/21/2021)

Still trying to identify blown MOSFET

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mmicrosysm I am not sure why you think its a MOSFET. Having checked a board that I had access to and by the identifier on that IC, it looks like that it is actually an Antec APW8715 PWM converter (yes it has integrated MOSFETS ;-) Here is the datasheet for that Antec APW8715 PWM

Tell peeps to stop poking around on things that may disintegrate. BTW schematics for this board are not readily available. So if you need to work some more on it, see if you can find a donor board where you can then either use the components from or at least make identifications.

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I am going to guess that those burned parts are in the CPU voltage regulators. The cause might be a bad CPU or a part. without some serious SMD soldering tools and a service manual, I’m guessing it is literally toast. Time for a new MB and maybe CPU.

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The client was messing around inside and shorted something. They were very vague on why they were poking around. I know it's a Power MOSFET in the GPU power circuit but unsure value/part number.


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