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7,9 Zoll Display / Modell A1432 / Verfügbar in schwarz und weiß / Angekündigt am 23. Oktober 2012 / 16, 32 oder 64 GB Speicherkapazität

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Need help diagnosing an iPad mini that dose not power on.

Can someone please give me the steps on diagnosing an iPad mini that dose not power on.

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@thunderbye have you tried to charge it? Connect a USB ammeter and see if it even pulls a charge when connected to the right charger. Let us know what you find out. My first step would be to replace the battery to get a known-well starting point.

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I do not have a usb amp meter but I probably should buy one if i plan on doing repairs on devices that do not turn on.


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hello Daniel,

firstly, remove a screen, unplug power from electronics, according to your knowledge and experience find and fix a problem. Finally put and glue a screen back and enjoy your repaired iPad. This is of course a schematic in a nutshell. Nothing is impossible! Start reading and learning. There is no other way. Nobody will do it for you remotely (for free).

Start by opening your iPad, buy an electronic meter for $ 5. Try to find out how it should work. You will quickly find out why it does not work. Fixing electronics is not like saying "do this and then this". There are too many variables that depend on one another.

Finally, it would be good to know something about the patient: it fell, poured water, stopped turning on for no reason etc.

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