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Reparatur- und Zerlegeanleitungen für Samsungs S20+ Android Flaggschiff-Smartphone vom März 2020

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No network after screen replacement

Replaced the screen/frame on an AT&T S20 Plus, transferred over all parts including front camera, charging daughterboard, 5G antennas, etc. After sealing it back up, it’s not detecting the cellular network. Fearing a bad part, I put it back in the original screen/frame and same thing. All connectors look fine, pressure pins on the charging port are in good condition, too. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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I know on a S21 Ultra, I did a screen assembly swap and the part was identical but once I powered it up I had the same issue. Not a single answer made sense. Finally someone mentioned replacing the screen assembly fixed there’s. I dug deep into the screen assembly and learned there is a small antenna flex on the corner and it’s held down by tri-wing screws. It turns out they aren’t universal. The “international” assembly uses a different band antenna. So I swapped my original flex and instantly had a signal again but this time it actually worked on the AT&T network. What an ordeal! Maybe the S20 is similar? As it turned out, the SM-G998U uses a different version of this LTE/4G antenna than the screen used on the “B” variant (SM-G998B)

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We found the same thing and it seems swapping the flex works sometimes. It'd be easier if suppliers were a little more open about their "U" model service packs actually being "F" models.


Yep same thing! Took me hours to narrow it down


Can you tell me where this Flex antenna is located? I just swapped all the internals of my Canadian s20 plus to a replacement screen frame and I'm having the same issue. Thank you


Looking into the old frame, should be upper right side, runs against the inside. There are about 4-5 torx screws and some adhesive holding the connector down. The new frame may will have a very similar part except it will have a slightly different “type” printed on the connector. Like NA or int. It may not even have one. Just carefully transfer the one from old frame to new one.


I think I know where you're talking about. I think that's where the 5g antenna is. My Canadian s20plus doesnt have that antenna on the mid frame. It's just a empty slot on the old frame


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It’s not the 5g slot with 2-Philips screws… it’s pushed up into the frame. I used to have a picture. “Flex” it’s a ribbon with 4-5 attached hold down screw slots it’s L shaped to fit in upper top and right side.

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