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Modell A1051 / 4 oder 6 GB Festplatte

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Replacement battery does not fit.

I ordered a replacement battery from iFixIt, however, upon installing, I found the battery was not only more snug, but the cord comes out in such a spot where it becomes impossible to fit the ipod back in the case.

Update (06/21/2021)

With some extreme finessing of the wires and headphone board, along with a sketchy snip of the blue plastic wrap (the plastic wrap, not the cell) in the wire corner I was able to fit it in. Leaving this post up so anyone else with this issue can possibly get help from it.

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Hunter Nichols sorry to hear that. This answer forum is not really monitored by the iFixit staff. It’s mostly volunteers on here to help people with their issues. Your issue is best taken care of by the iFixit sales staff. I suggest you contact iFixit directly https://help.ifixit.com/category/133-con...

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