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Reparaturanleitungen und Hilfen für die 24 Zoll M1 iMacs von Apple, erschienen im April 2021.

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Where is the true tone, photoresistor sensor located?

At Intel iMac, I know that photoresistor sensor located on the left side of the webcam.

But I want to know where the photoresistor, truetone sensor located.

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Why is this important to you?

You can disable TrueTone if you don't want it.


@danj Because I want to put on a webcam cover sticker.


@jihopark - Sadly its an all or nothing issue. But are you going a bit far? Newer 2012 and onwards cameras are well protected from RAT'ing or other intrusion risks both at the hardware level and the OS level.

I would even say Apple is more paranoid that you on security!


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Yeah, they use the ambient light sensor to measure color temp. The sensor is on the top left hand corner, and looking at the images it looks like there might even be two sensors there. So nothing at to do with the camera area, you can cover it.

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I know Apple's security is good.

However, I asked a question to prevent the camera from turning on automatically when I run the camera app (such as zoom, facetime) with camera permission. (To prevent my mistake because of I already permitted camera permission)


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I can’t tell you for sure as I haven’t opened one up yet and likely won’t for awhile.

What I can tell you is all of Apples iMacs so far have used the iSight (SameTime) camera unit as the detector. Basically, a photo diode is part of the CCD logic to sense the light illumination and the lights color. The sensor is independent of the CCD detector its self.

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