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The Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC 3830. It measures 8.1 cm by 13.3 cm. It was introduced by Compaq in April of 2000. iPAQ was borrowed from Compaq's earlier iPAQ Desktop Personal Computers. The device used a Windows Mobile interface.

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Can I order a new connection part online?

My pocket PC is version 4.21

My hubby noticed that some teeth inside the PDA connection port are busted on one corner. The battery will still take a charge but my docking keyboard won't connect apparently…

Is there a way that I can order that specialty piece of hardware to repair it??



Update (06/30/2021)

Oops! Version 4.21.1088 iPAQ if that helps!!

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Unfortunately very doubtful. It is over 20 years old.


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Hi brunette_jedi,

You could try to find another one on eBay that is being sold for parts. Unfortunately, we don’t sell parts for it but eBay might work!

Hope this helps!

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