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Keycap not properly fixed in its place


I’m trying to attach UP and Down keycaps, but i can’t get it fixed .. it will pop up.

I have slide the scissor clip in its place.

what could be the problem?

Block Image

Block Image

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Its hard to tell as we can’t see the other cap’s clips fully. Did you damage the cap? Its easy to do if you don’t pop it on properly.

There are two L shaped clips which slide in first, then the U shaped clips over the pins. Note they go in from different directions as they are the same part just turned over!

Block Image

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Thank you for the reply.

i think the caps are damaged


@samisultan - Here's one source: Up/Down - Magic Keyboard (Type-N) You'll want to ping them to see when they expect to have more parts and they are out of stock right now.


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