cleaning my sensor w/a swab kit and the mirror shut.=err message

Block Image

Block Image

the battery was fully charged , assuming no power failure , what is probably damaged. all i was doing was swiping the sensor with little pressure doing a wet clean for dust removal. as it closed i quickly removed the swab with little resistance. when i try to snap a shot, the mirror still operates, a red glow back by the sensor happens , but the auto focus doesnt do anything , and there is no capture made. just a flashing err message

Update (07/05/2021)

after and before photos. who ever bent back the shutter did it correctly, and camera is fully functional. the first pic with the match stick at the top left of the shutter to keep it in place is all that i can offer as to how they fixed it without telling me. i used tweezers to remove the stick and voila. point is that it was a possible fix from shutters closing on my cleaning swab, causing them to " cock " at two places. thanks anyways

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just discovered that it bent my shutter


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