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Released by Sanyo in 2004, this flip phone is 3.34 by 1.85 by 1.02 inches and weighs 3.6 ounces. The device's features include an internal and external LCD screen, camera lens with flash, and speaker.

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How to transfer pictures from old flip phone to my computer?

I recently a bag with a lot of old flip phones that had family pictures. The flip phone giving me the most trouble is the Sanyo PM-8200. This phone has no bluetooth, no wifi, and no SD card slot or SIM slot. Additionally, i have connected the phone to my PC and it does not even show up as a device, it only charges. I have heard of a software called BitPim which is supposed to read the files on old phones, but the program does not seem to work on my computer. Is there any way to transfer the photos or is there a company that could do it for me?

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Have you confirmed the cable you are using to connect the phone to laptop is a data cable? I have had a few of these that came with just charge cable but when I found a data cable it loaded drivers for a camera and was able to move pictures over. but can't remember if it was same model.

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Bryan Jlov just like @gkjarhead already mentioned, this phone requires a special data cable. Those are available at places like this After that you may have to rerun/re-install Bitpim to see if it finds your phone. Let us know what OS version you have.

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The cable you linked is the exact one I bought. It says in the listing “USB Data Hot Sync Straight Cable”, so I assume it should work transferring data. I have a Windows 10 computer, and the latest BitPim program i found was like 12 years old. The problem with BitPim is it wont even open, it only displays an error message when i run it.


Bryan Jlov good and we did not know you already had the cable. So all you are looking for is the program that connects the phone to the computer. Something that uses a 64 bit OS Let's see what we can find out. See if these steps work for your phone.


@Bryan Jlov

Try opening the BitPim program in Compatibility mode on your PC.

Find the setup.exe file for the program in File Explorer and right click Properties > Compatibility mode and then select either Win Vista or even Win XP, (usually Win 7 programs work OK in Win 10).

Save the changes (click OK) and then start the program by double clicking on the file in File Manager.


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