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Dieses Modell wurde mit der AirPort Extreme Base Station veröffentlicht, diese Variante ist ausgestattet mit einer Festplatte und hat 802.11ac Geschwindigkeiten in einer Time Capsule NAS.

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Airport Time Capsule Wireless 5G stopped working, can it be fixed?

I’ve tried rebooting, resetting, and disconnecting power for 3 minutes and reconnecting, downgrading the firmware and upgrading back to current: nothing brings back the wireless 5G. Is this something that can be repaired?

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So I talked with apple support, after walking through settings in Airport Utility, it was discovered the 5Ghz network name was deleted or broadcasting as the same name as the 2Ghz (which won’t work). After re-adding a 5Ghz name, it’s broadcasting as normal.

This can be found under the Airport Utility -> Device -> Edit -> Advanced -> Wifi settings -> 5GHz Name.


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Your AirPort only offers WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac compatibility.

It does allow 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band access simultaneously

5G is a term for cellar transmissions which your WiFi Router does not offer.

Here's a useful reference: Different Wi-Fi Protocols and Data Rates

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Yes, my post is not referring to 5G wireless, I’m referring to 5 GHz band. The question is: can this be fixed to do I have a 2 GHz door stop?


@ian_mcclain - Are you sure the 5.0 GHz band logic is bad?

You may want to get some diagnostic software like WiFi Explorer Lite it will allow you to see your routers bands.

Often I find your laptop gets locked in to a band. Try clearing your WiFi cache. I also find altering the routers AP names helpful! Rename the bands to ACHME_2-4 and ACHME_5-0 (use your own names here) so you know the band you are connecting over.


The band has a unique name. It functioned without issue for 5 years and stopped working for all devices on the network. The 2.4 band is still working.


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