Why is my 820-00850 taking 20v, 0.07amps?

Hello everyone! My first question here. I have an 820-00850 logic board that won’t power on. It has a T2 chip. It is taking 20v and 0.07 amps and not turning on. I have tried restoring with Apple Configurator 2 on a 2017 MBP I have. Apple Configurator 2 also recognizes that it is in DFU mode. It just gets stuck on installing OS forever. I’m starting to believe it’s a logic board problem though. When I plug in the battery and charger, the amperage starts out around .5 amps and slowly increases to around 2 amps. But it is very slowly increasing. By this I assume it is charging the battery, but on normal working machines, the amperage taken rises very quickly whereas this seems to take a minute before getting to 2 amps. Any ideas?

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