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Guides for popcorn machine and popcorn popper repair.

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Popcorn popper dented piece

Just purchased a great northern popcorn popper, Pasadena model. The top red cap piece where the buttons are is severely dented. Do you know where I can get a replacement part? The cart and cabinet are fine. Just the top piece that covers the machine is missing.

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Model 6040 Pasadena full 83-DT5611 popcorn maker on cart. I need the very top of part I listed in the parts list from the manual. It is not listed on the great northern site you sent me, nor is the full cabinet. How can I get the top red Metal piece on top or the entire bare cabinet without the wiring, kettle, etc.? Would like prices as well as how to order these.


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You’ll need your actual model number, but parts are available here:


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Model 6040 Pasadena full 83-DT5611


Hi @nodrok

Contact the manufacturer and ask them about the required part (if at all available) for your model and also prices as they should know.


Nice looking machine 6040 GAP FULL PASADENA / 83-DT5611, the top is not listed but do as jayeff says


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